lauantai 18. maaliskuuta 2017


Estonia, Tallinn months ago Kuivan Kesän Oravat (Squiller on Dry Summer) - Team take part of 4 hours Rogaining on foot. We had a good route plan but we didn't drop out checkpoints away at beginning. So we get penalty and loosing 16 points. Finally we got 2nd position on H40 category and overall 8. in (slow)foot series. The Icebug XT Sport Winter Rogaining (18-Mar-2017) rate was high rated because of the participants point of view. There was many Rogaining world winners. I'm happy with our results even if we did big mistakes our route plan. Here you can see our live GPS track The Official results found in My GPS measure 40,5 km at the race and avg. HR was around 149.

But the biggest moment happen at end part of the race about 3h 30 min time, just before checkpoint 74. All our team members lost navigation skills at same time.. but we didn't stop as it should be.. we continue running at full speed even we didn't know where to go.. finally we hit on high fence.. and small river.. about 5 meter wide full of cold water.. we try to pass it on north but there was a very big dog sitting on the yard.. looking for us. Then we try to go sea side but it is not possible because of high reed and also land start to sink under legs.. So only fast way to pass this barrier was swimming on the 0°C water at short moment.. we did it one by one.. so the rest of the run all the fingers and toes was unfeeling. Luckily we able to keep some running speed to warm our body with movements.

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